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Why you should join MONAT

Why you should join MONAT

The creation of a car program is a big leap forward that very few companies take within the first two years of their foundation. But in this short time, MONAT has emphasized a spirit of innovation and excellence unlike any other company in the direct sales arena, both with its products and its business offering.

With the inception of MONAT Motor Club, the company adds another rewarding aspect to its already lucrative compensation plan. Specifically, the MONAT Motor Club rewards top-performing independent distributors, called Market Partners, for their consistency in the business. Qualifying Market Partners in both the U.S. and Canada are eligible for any model white Cadillac. Join Hair with Monat today!

Become a MONAT

Market Partner

Ready to build something special? Start your MONAT business now


  • Eligible for Independent Market Partner promotions and incentives

  • Your own replicated website/ e-commerce store for easy ordering

  • 30% commission on retail sales, 15% commission on VIP Customer sales

  • Access to our physical and web-based materials to inform you, your team and your customers

  • No inventory requirements; MONAT ships directly

  • Freedom to explore sales territories locally and nationally

  • Prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals

  • Next trip you can earn is Bahamas! 

  • Access to Product Packs within your first 30 days of enrolling



  • Market Partner Guide to Success, which includes detailed information about individual MONAT products and Treatment Systems.


  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive.

  • Individual, multi-product Samples.


  • VIP Customer Brochures to help you introduce the VIP Customer plan and autoship service.

  • Opportunity Brochures to help you share the incredible business with others.

  • Product Brochures with information and pricing on individual MONAT products and Treatment Systems

You also receive your own personal website that helps you market MONAT 24/7. And of course, as a Market Partner, you will enjoy a 30% discount off the retail prices for our amazing products!

Be part of the Hair Care Global family... Independent USA & Canada Market Partner

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monat passport 2018 bermuda
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