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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Retail, VIP, and Market Partner Frequently Asked Questions


Who should use Monat Hair Care Products?

EVERYONE should use Monat.  It is a safer, healthier alternative for those looking to switch to environmentally friendly, toxin-free personal products

Is it safe to use?

Safer than the leading brand of baby shampoo! It will definitely be safe to use in most situations. As always, read the package and if you are unsure, ask your doctor. 

On color-treated, permed or otherwise chemically altered hair?

Yes all of Monat’s products are safe to use on all hair types and all conditions as it is natural based and gentle.

During pregnancy or breast feeding?

Pregnant women should always check with their doctor if you have questions about the safety of any product. Our ingredients are safe for the general public and have caused no adverse reactions during our clinical trials.

Is Monat recommended before, during and after cancer treatment?

The Balance Treatment System is recommended before chemo-therapy treatment, during to nourish the scalp and balance the pH, and after to help promote a healthier scalp for faster and stronger hair growth.

Is Monat safe for use on children?

MONAT Junior Gentle Shampoo is tear-free, sulfate and paraffin-free, and safe and gentle for children ages one to nine. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

What can I expect in the first 90 days of using Monat Hair Care Treatment Systems?

Everyone’s hair and body chemistry is different, but generally you can expect your hair to go through the following 3 stages of healing as you begin using only Monat hair care products.  Most people will experience an immediate positive result when they first start, but others might experience some detox before getting to a healthier, longer, stronger head of hair.  Give the treatment systems enough time to work and you will see your healthiest hair after at least 90 days of use!

Month 1: Detoxifying – Your hair and scalp begin to assimilate MONAT’s active ingredients.

Most experience:
• Better overall texture as the products begin to penetrate
• Improved circulation from powerful actives energizing the hair and scalp
• Reduction in tangling
• Softer hair and a more natural feel
• Improvement in colour and condition
• Some baby hair growth

Some may experience:
• Refined oil production as your pH balances equalize
• Some flaking due to boosted cellular turnover and exfoliation
• Some itching caused from follicles that are beginning to wake up and grow
• Some dryness or stickiness as the years of buildup and wax start to dissolve
• Some shedding from hair follicles that are enlarging and getting rid of old      cells and dormant hair

Month 2: Recovering – Your hair and scalp are becoming healthier and less sensitive to outside influences.

Most experience:

• Increased volume because the buildup that weighs hair down has vanished
• Increased control
• Balanced oils and increased hydration as the follicles energize and continue to reactivate
• Less tangling and more life
• Reduction in frizz and flyaways due to a healthier cuticle that lays flatter

Some may experience:
• The flaking has probably all but stopped
• The itching should have calmed down
• The sticky feeling has almost all gone away as the buildup is disappearing
• Hair is becoming shinier, livelier and healthier feeling
• New hair growth is stronger and more mature
• Less shedding

Month 3: Stabilizing – Your hair and scalp are returning to a more natural state as most detox and recovering issues have all but vanished.

Most experience:

• Improved overall volume as individual strands plump up from the inside out
• Improved manageability
• Improved body, lift, and bounce
• Reduced frizz and hydrated ends
• Smoother, shinier hair
• Better texture and quality of hair combined with added strength
• Hair that combs and brushes easily
• Thickness and increased definition
• Noticeably greater hair growth
• You may not have to wash as often due to balanced moisture and oils
• Improvement in natural and/or chemical colors

What Monat hair care products should I use to regrow hair after struggling with hair loss?  (alopecia, male-pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, etc).

Start with the Let It Grow treatment system to maximize hair growth, scalp health and follicle strength.  For an extra hair regrowth boost, add our S3 Supplement Support system to your daily regimen.  When you’ve seen a significant improvement in your hair line, you can continue taking S3 daily and switch to any of our other shampoo and conditioning systems.

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