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Premium Haircare
Systems for all types of hair.


Renew™ Hydrating System

Cleanse: Advanced Hydrating Shampoo 8 oz. Condition: Advanced Hydrating Conditioner 6 oz. Treat: Advanced Hydrating In-Shower Masque 4.5 oz.



Smoothing Anti-Frizz System 

Cleanse: Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Shampoo 8 oz. Condition: Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Deep Conditioner 6 oz. Style: Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Blow Out Spray 4.5 oz.



IR Clinical™ System

The breakthrough is here! The new IR CLINICAL™ System is a complete regimen that features CAPIXYL™ and a unique blend of ingredients that helps to strengthen and thicken hair while also preventing damage from brushing and combing.



Purifying Vinegar Rinse

Infused with amino acids, fruit and vinegar, this purifying rinse deeply cleanses to retain moisture, smooth hair, enhance shine and preserve hair colour. 8 fl oz


Volumizing-Revive-Shampoo monat

Volumizing Revive™ Shampoo

Helps increase hair density, strength and manageability. Infused with REJUVENIQE. A gentle volumizing cleanser that delivers body to fine and limp hair.  


Advancing_Hydrating_Shampoo monat global

Advanced Hydrating Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses to hydrate and rebalance moisture while improving manageability for softer, smoother strands with radiant shine.


IR-Clinical-Thickening-Conditioner_IR-Clinical-Thickening-Conditioner monat global

IR Clinical™ Thickening Conditioner

Invigorating formula with rosemary and mint hydrates and strengthens for fuller-looking hair.  CAPIXYL™ to help strengthen, thicken, and densify hair.


Volumizing-Revitalize-Conditioner monat global

Volumizing Revitalize™ Conditioner

Gentle volumizing conditioner that enters the scalp and nourishes it while promoting natural growth, strengthening hair follicles, and reducing hair thinning is ideal for fine, limp, and lifeless hair. 


Damage-Repair-Bond-Fortifying-Leave-in-Crème monat global

Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-in Crème

By treating, nourishing, and conditioning hair from the inside out, this thick leave-in crème makes it simple to style and detangle. It gives hair a bright shine while shielding it from heat styling and the elements with traces of neroli and orange flower smells. 


Smoothing-Anti-Frizz-intensive-treatment monat global

Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Deep Intensive Treatment

This nourishing treatment fortifies hair with fruit butters and REJUVENIQE® for silky, frizz-free hair that helps ward off humidity. fantastic for coils and curls. 


REJUVABEADS monat global


According to independent testing, within one minute of application, REJUVABEADSTM completely repaired broken ends that were 3 mm or shorter. 



Scalp Purifying Scrub

This innovative 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo, formulated with apple cider vinegar, AHAs, sugar, and purifying pink clay, deeply cleanses and purifies while helping rebalance moisture at the scalp.



MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Heat Protectant Spray

A light thermal protection spray that provides defense against the extreme heat generated by hair styling tools, while delivering impressive styling hold.



Renew™ Hydrating System

Cleanse: Renew™ Shampoo 8 oz. 
Condition: Restore™ Leave-In Conditioner 4.5 oz. Treat: Replenish™ Masque 5.0 oz.



Smoothing Anti-Frizz System 

Cleanse: Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Shampoo 8 oz. Condition: Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Deep Intensive Treatment 6 oz. Style: MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Blow Out Cream 4 oz.



Renew™ Shampoo

Renew Shampoo Helps increase hair brilliance, strength and vitality.
Infused with REJUVENIQE. Helps boost natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to aid in reducing hair thinning.



Damage Repair Bond  Shampoo

Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo 
A nurturing cleanser with instant and time release repair. 8 fl oz



MONAT BLACK™ Shampoo + Conditioner

Helps to improve strength and promotes healthier-looking hair. Great for all hair types and textures, safe for color-treated hair, allergy and dermatology-tested.


Super-Nourish-Shampoo monat global

Super Nourish Oil Crème Shampoo

An ultra-hydrating and moisturizing cream formula that provides softness and smoothness with brilliant shine. A low lather, oil-infused shampoo.



Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Deep Conditioner

Lightweight conditioner for fine to medium hair conditions, softens and repels humidity for silky-smooth hair without the frizz. 6 fl oz.


Advancing_Hydrating_Conditioner monat global

Advanced Hydrating Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner moisturizes and rebalances hair, making it easier to maintain and resulting in softer, smoother strands with a brilliant shine. 


IR-Clinical-Thickening-Serum monat global

IR Clinical™ Hair Thinning Defense

This lightweight, non-greasy serum, which was created in partnership with a renowned expert in the field of hair and scalp science, minimizes breakage right away and has produced significant benefits in the form of thicker, fuller-looking hair in just 60 days.


super_moisture_masque monat global

Super Moisture Masque

A rich hair masque that replenishes moisture to the hair by nourishing hair with natural oils, minerals, and vitamins, it fosters a healthy, lustrous shine.


Lash-_-Brow-Enhancing-Serum monat global

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

A high-performance serum called Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum is made with special components like CapixylTM, which improves the health and strength of brows and eyelashes. 



Intense Repair Treatment

Helps stimulate the natural regeneration of hair follicles. Reduces scalp inflammation and counteracts the formation of DHT – two factors associated with thinning hair. 



MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Flexible Hold Gel

 Silicone-free gel delivers strong, flexible hold with style memory and  provides 24-hour touchable control without being stiff. Great for all hair types and styles 



Revive™ Volumizing System

Cleanse: Volumizing Revive™ Shampoo 8 oz. Condition: Volumizing Revitalize™ Conditioner 6 oz. Style: MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Volume & Lift Spray 4.5 oz. 



Damage Repair System

Cleanse: Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo 8 oz. Condition: Damage Repair Bond Support Masque 4.5 oz. Treat: Damage Repair Bond-Building Hair Treatment 4.5 oz. Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème, 4.5 oz.



Smoothing Anti-Frizz™ Shampoo

Featuring REJUVENIQE®, this shampoo lathers away frizz, repels humidity and gently cleanses to reveal smoother, silkier hair.



Purifying Vinegar Shampoo

A gentle cleanser that purifies without stripping the hair, leaving strands looking and feeling fresh, clean is infused with Apple Cider Vinegar.



Soothing Micellar Shampoo

A gentle, high-performance micellar shampoo for delicate hair and a sensitive scalp. This fragrance-free micellar shampoo deeply cleans fine, delicate hair while providing comfort to a sensitive scalp.



MONAT STUDIO ONE™ The Champ™ Conditioning Dry

The Champ eradicates greasiness from the roots for beautiful 2nd (or 3rd) day hair. The Champ doesn’t leave behind that pesky white residue.


RESTORE_LEAVE_IN conditioner monat global

Restore™ Leave-In Conditioner

A nourishing leave-in conditioner designed to revive each hair strand using the same proven ingredients and technologies as MONAT Renew Hydrating Shampoo and Masque. 


Super-Nourish-Conditioner monat global

Super Nourish Oil Crème Conditioner

highly moisturizing and moisturizing cream formulation that gives off softness, smoothness, and gloss and has a UV absorber to help prevent color fading.


Violet-Anti-Brass-Masque monat global

Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Toning Masque

In one step, tones and intensely nourishes hair for smoother, stronger hair that is less brassy. created with a proprietary hair conditioning formula that combines coconut oil and desert date oil with a blend of high-performing violet colors and flower extracts. 


REJUVENIQE™-Oil-Intensive monat global

REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive

This multipurpose oil for hair and skin strengthens hair*, improves shine, reduces frizz and hydrates skin. 30 ml℮ / 1.0 fl. oz.



Replenish™ Masque

A healing and moisturizing masque that nourishes the scalp while promoting natural hair development, strengthening follicles, and reducing hair thinning. 


studio one frizz fix Monat Global

MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer

A leave-in pre-styling treatment that helps control frizz, and defends against humidity, for long-lasting definition, shine, and smoothness.



MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer

For the perfect blow-out that lasts and lasts! Provides silicone-like performance, without silicone build-up and has low-to-medium heat protection


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